Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Motorcycle Bike

When it finally warmed up enough in March to get rid of the February snow, it was time to get Owen his first two wheel bicycle (not counting the training wheels). He had been practicing on a two wheel bike during the winter, riding in our daycare provider's basement. His winter testing in the basement peaked his desire for a motorcycle bicycle (Owen's words) of his own.

When daylight savings time started, I knew that the after-dinner requests from Owen to play outside and ride bikes would begin. It was time for Owen to have his very own motorcycle bicycle. It was dark by the time I got home with the bike, but Owen insisted that he had to test drive it in the kitchen.

We have been on many trips around the block since then. After the first couple of trips, I decided that I needed to be on my bike also because I was getting tired of sprinting to keep up. Riding behind is an adventure in itself because Owen likes to come to a dead stop at random moments to look at something on the sidewalk or to tell me a random story about his day.

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