Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Giddyup Horsie!

Let's Go for a Ride!!

Giddyup Horsie!!

Yummy Ears!

Whoops, I Fell Off!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy First Birthday Clara!

I want some cake please!!


Happy Birthday Girl!!

It is hard to believe that a year ago we were beginning to bond with you in the NICU while trying to digest your Down syndrome diagnosis. You worked your magic on us as we held you in that cramped space, looking up at us with you beautiful blue eyes and erasing our fears. You also worked your magic on the NICU staff and were rewarded with the nickname "Sleeping Beauty." On our early morning visit to see you the next day, we were greeted by a scrap book page lovingly crafted by that wonderful staff. It was a simple, yet extremely meaningful gesture because it was a recognition of Clara the beautiful baby girl rather than Clara the patient with Down syndrome. As such, we used the page as the first page in your baby scrap book.

As you have grown we have grown. At first, it was difficult to see beyond your diagnosis of Down syndrome. We spent those early weeks trying to learn as much as possible and to connect with other parents that had walked a mile in our shoes. As we introduced you to people we felt the need to add your diagnosis, largely to give ourselves the opportunity to talk about it. While your diagnosis will always be part of our lives, we have learned to see past the diagnosis to our beautiful baby girl. We are still happy to, and sometimes need to, talk about your diagnosis; however we no longer feel compelled to present your diagnosis to every one you meet.

Happy first birthday sweet Clara Rose!! We look forward to the many adventures that lay ahead of us as we continue to grow together.