Sunday, October 17, 2010

Clara's Many Looks - Summer-Fall 2010

Playing in the sprinkler.
Lounging around during our Father's day weekend camping trip.
Is it our turn yet?
Happy 2nd Birthday!
Checking out the fish in the new Polar Bear area at the zoo.
Camping with Grammie and Grandpa on the 4th of July.
Future Rock Star!
Go Buckeyes!
Hooked up and trying to breathe in the PICU of Akron Children's Hospital thanks to an asthma attack.
Enjoying some "agritainment" at the MAiZE.
Having fun at the 2010 Buddy Walk!
Making silly faces at Aunt Amanda's baby shower.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Buddy Walk 2010 - Team Clara's Clowns

On Sunday October 3, 2010, Tam Clara's Clowns ventured out to the Buddy Walk on a cool, breezy, gray day to celebrate and support Clara and all individuals living with Down syndrome .  We appreciate all of our friends and family that dedicated a few hours of their day to walk with us.  Our third Buddy Walk was extra special because Clara had a chance to show off her walking skills this year.  With the exception of a few short rides on Daddy's shoulders, Clara completed most of the walk on her own two feet.

Do you think she was enjoying herself?
The camera on my phone has a delay before it snaps the picture and Clara kept walking toward me before the camera would snap the picture.  As you can tell, it was a fun game for her.
Clara was smitten with the cheerleaders.  I think they were smitten with her as well.
Clara decided that the pom-poms made good soccer balls.  She would shake it a bit then drop it on the ground to start kicking it.
Team Clara's Clowns 2010.  Clara is busy watching the cheerleaders who were just to our right.