Saturday, October 16, 2010

Buddy Walk 2010 - Team Clara's Clowns

On Sunday October 3, 2010, Tam Clara's Clowns ventured out to the Buddy Walk on a cool, breezy, gray day to celebrate and support Clara and all individuals living with Down syndrome .  We appreciate all of our friends and family that dedicated a few hours of their day to walk with us.  Our third Buddy Walk was extra special because Clara had a chance to show off her walking skills this year.  With the exception of a few short rides on Daddy's shoulders, Clara completed most of the walk on her own two feet.

Do you think she was enjoying herself?
The camera on my phone has a delay before it snaps the picture and Clara kept walking toward me before the camera would snap the picture.  As you can tell, it was a fun game for her.
Clara was smitten with the cheerleaders.  I think they were smitten with her as well.
Clara decided that the pom-poms made good soccer balls.  She would shake it a bit then drop it on the ground to start kicking it.
Team Clara's Clowns 2010.  Clara is busy watching the cheerleaders who were just to our right.

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