Monday, April 19, 2010


During January and February, Clara had great fun participating in a Kidnetic Energy gymnastics class. Kidnetic Energy is a non-profit organization in central Ohio that offers dance and gymnastics classes specifically for children with special needs. Clara was reluctant during the first few classes, but she slowly came out of her shell and started to enjoy participation in the various activities. She is currently enrolled in the spring class and becomes more daring with each class.

Our thanks go out to the instructors, volunteers, and the facility for the generous donation of their time and space to create safe and fun activities for Clara and other children with special needs. Follow the links above to learn more about the organization.

Working on the balance beam.

Rolling down the hill

At the end of each class, each child receives stamps on their hands and feet. At the end of the last class, each child received a medal. As she does with most items, Clara proceeded to chew on her medal.

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