Friday, January 8, 2010

Step, Step, Step

For the past month or so, Clara has been toying with Ellen and I by taking steps while she is at our daycare providers house or while she is with our friend that takes her for treadmill therapy (refer to the last paragraph of this post), but not while she is with us. During physical therapy last Thursday (New Year's Eve), Clara finally showed Ellen and I that she could purposefully take 3 to 4 steps to get the toy she desired. It was also the first time she had demonstrated her skill for Jen, her PT at the Nationwide Children's Hospital Close to Home Center. Needless to say, it was a great way to end 2009 and we were all very excited.

Yesterday, our friend reported that Clara took ten unassisted steps prior to treadmill therapy, then proceeded to walk for 11 minutes on the treadmill. Considering that she started at two minutes with much complaining back in August, 11 minutes with no complaints was a vast improvement. After returning to the sitters house after treadmill therapy, Clara continued to demonstrate short bursts of unassisted walking. When she got home, she wanted no part of demonstrating her skills for Ellen and I, but eventually relented and showed us her stuff.

We have no expectations that she will be running around by the end of the week; however, this is a significant accomplishment for Clara and we are very proud of her.


Jennifer said...

Congrats!! Aidan was 2-1/2 before we could get him to take more than a couple of steps at a time. I wish they did treadmill therapy then! Amazing the changes that have taken place and Aidan is only 4-1/2! We're still working on running, though. His muscle tone is really low.

Lisa said...

YEA Clara!! And I wouldn't be surprised if she makes big progress fast. That's what happens sometimes with Bridget...a skill shows up, seemingly "out of the blue" and is no time she has it mastered :). Yippee!! Happy New Year Geho Family!