Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's been going on

Clara Rose Update:

So Clara Rosey started pre-school at the end of July. She is doing really good other than she refused to talk to the teachers for 8 month!!! She would talk to the PT, OT, speech therapist and her buddy Chasey who is in class with her but not her teachers. Finally, after Christmas I had one of her teachers come over to the house. That seems to have been a big help as last week when she went back to school after the long winter break she decided to talk to the teachers. Clara is starting to jump!!! It seems like it has taken forever but she is finally doing little jumps and it is hilariouse to watch her on our little trampoline. Our sitter got her kids a big trampoline for Christmas so I am thinking after this summer she will be a jumping fool. Still not running but is walking fast....I know she will get there. She has continued to get Strep and her tonsils are very large so they are coming out January 26th. She will have to stay in the hospital for th night. I had my tonsils out when I was 20 something and have been told her recovery should be much easier. We are working on potty training and she is doing pretty good. Doing a routine training with a timer set most of the time to remind us it is time for her to be but on the potty. We havestarted at 1hr 15 minutes and hope to move up to 1 1/2 hrs soon.

Owen Update:

Owen started Kindergarten!!! Wow seems like yesterday he was a little baby. He will be 6 in a month!! He really is enjoying school and is always on his best behavior at school...not so much at home. In December he started acting up a bit but figured it was related to the hussel and bussel of the season. I read something somewhere that this was common. However after Chirstmas it escalated and last week he lost his brand new nintendo 3DS from Santa, computer time, and the Wii. Sunday he spent more time in time out than not and lost almost everyone of his toys that are kept in the living room (still toys in the basement but he does not like to go to the basement by himself). Yesterday he succesfully had a good day and earned back one of his toys. Praying for another good day today.

As mentioned in yesterdays post we are all sick with strep throat. Poor Rob came hope from work late last night with a fever. Good thing I preemtively made him an appointment this morning for 7:30 am (he should be home soon). Clara got her first dose of antibiotic yesterday morning so she can go to school this afternoon, Owen did not get his until around 1 so he get to stay home all day with mommy (and daddy I am sure). Will be glad when Clara's tonsils are out, at the rate Owen is going his will be coming out next year. Hoping my sitter breaks down and has her 2 oldest get their tonsils out soon.
Now will end with a few more pictures from this past year (because I always like looking at the picturtes on other peoples blogs)

Owen's First day of School.... isn't he a handsome little man!!!
Visiting with cousin Abby in September. Little abby is about 9 months old here.... she is a chunk
Headed to Wisconsin at the end os October for my Uncle Dean's funeral. We had some time and went to the Greenbay packers stadium and checked out the cheese heads (nope, did not buy them...just tried them on) I love this picture.
While in Wisconsin we went to my cousins sons hockey game. After talking to a dad of one of Skyler's teammates whose brother has DS, turned around to find this beautiful little girl pplaying by the rink. Clara went right over and started playing with her. Still need to send a copy of this phot to the little girls mom.
Clara eating dinner I beleave with her Turkey hat she made at swchool. Silly girl!!

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