Saturday, February 5, 2011

Update...a long time coming

Hi all, this is Ellen, Owen and Clara's mom and I am hijacking the blog.  While I hope Rob will stop by and put in his 2 cents somewhat regularly, I suspect you will hear much more from me and I hope to keep the blog a little more up to date.

Tubes and Tear Ducts:  Tubes are doing great, one tear duct is completely cleared now, the other one (the worst one to begin with) clogged back up in a about a week.  Honestly, we have not talked to the eye doctor about this.  Not a big concern right now.  At the time the tear ducts were probed, she indicated they could put a stint in to help keep it open if the initial procedure did not work. 

Christmas: Christmas was great, although took a little encouragement to get Clara to open her presents.  Santa brought her a small trampoline which now sets prominently in out living room and which Owen jumps on more that Clara.  Clara is still working on jumping, it is a slow process but she is getting there.  Owen got his favorites....race cars, race track, trains, train track.

January flew by and I cannot believe it is already February and Owen is almost five (birthday is the 11th).  We did get some great family pictures taken by a friend of mine here in central Ohio who just started her own photography business.  She has a traveling studio and came out to the house to take the pictures which was great!!  We will be starting the IEP process for Clara either last week of February or the first week of March.  We also need to decide what we are going to do about Kindergarten next year for Owen (Pay for all-day every-day or send him to the regular all-day alternating day program).  Decisions Decisions.  Since I know I love seeing pictures of the kids on the blogs I have been following here are a few from our recent family photo shoot.


Sarah said... did it!!! Love the pics!! I've been thinking of getting Zoya a mini trampoline to work on jumping...still debating. She likes to jump on the ottoman with hands held or jump on the air seat inside her bucket...but jumping is oh so hard! We are also working on stepping over things without holding on (standing on one foot is easier than it sounds!)

Sarah said...

oops i mean not as easy as it sounds LOL!

Cindy said...

Great pictures! We bought the girls a full trampoline when Beth was about 11 and they loved it!