Friday, February 5, 2010


How many more days until spring?? This season of cold and snow and illness cannot end soon enough. Since November, Clara has had two sinus infections with possible ear infections and one case of strep throat; Owen has had an ear infection and two cases of strep throat; and, Ellen and I have had strep throat. Let's just say that antibiotics seem to have become a part of our daily routine.

Poor Clara has perpetual head congestion all winter long. We have Kleenex containers strategically placed throughout the house so that we can keep up with her runny nose. Generally, the congestion does not seem to bother Clara so we watch for behavioral cues and monitor for fevers. For example, if Clara declines applesauce or yogurt (her favorites), we know that she really is not feeling well.

Thankfully, we will be going to Phoenix soon to visit Nana and Papa and to get an early taste of spring. Hopefully, we will be able to take a break from the antibiotics during our trip.

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