Monday, August 31, 2009

Little Helper

During the past couple weeks, Clara has decided that standing is a worthwhile venture because it significantly expands her ability to get into stuff. She has also decided that she needs to be involved with all activities. If we leave her alone to play in the living room, even for a moment, she is on the go tracking us down. In the pictures below, we were in the kitchen trying to empty the dishwasher in an attempt to find our counters. Miss Clara was not happy to be left out and decided that we were in dire need of her help.

I'm ready to work!

I hope this spoon is clean because you know that I have to put it in my mouth.

With the recent cool afternoon weather, we have been able to open the doors and windows during the day. Clara's new favorite activity is to stand at the back screen door talking to the outside world or to the dog if he happens to be nearby. The fact that the breeze blows in her face is a little added bonus for Clara.

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