Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yee Haw Partner!

Since Nana only gets to see her grandbabies a couple times a year, she likes to do a little spoiling when she has a chance. During our recent vacation to visit Nana and Papa in Phoenix, we made a quick trip to this store so that Nana could buy a cowboy hat and boots for Owen. See the pictures below.

When we arrived back in Columbus, we were the last people getting off the plane (we have learned that it is easier to wait for everyone else to deplane when travelling with the kids). Owen was walking in front of Ellen and me, pulling his backpack, wearing pj's, sneakers, and his cowboy hat. As he approached the pilots and flight attendants near the cockpit, he took off his hat and gave an enthusiastic, "yee haw partner"! You can imagine their delighted reaction, especially at the end of a long day (11 PM local time due to an hour delay in Chicago). Given their reaction, Owen proceeded to repeat his performance several times in the baggage claim area while I was retrieving the car.

Owen modelling his new cowboy hat and cowboy boots while taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.

Looking cute in his hat during a visit to Tortilla Flat, AZ.

Nana couldn't resist the opportunity for Clara to try on big brothers new boots.
Clara trying on big brothers new cowboy hat.

Don't worry, Nana spoiled Clara too! Here is a picture of Clara's boots.

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