Wednesday, July 9, 2008

All Aboard

Like most boys, our son Owen is into anything with wheels, including trains. He is particularly fond of the phrase "all aboard" which he shouts with gusto each time he hears or sees a train - a habit he developed after repeated viewings of The Polar Express last Christmas.

On June 6, 2008 Owen welcomed his baby sis Clara Rose aboard our family train. Shortly after her birth we were informed that there would be a detour in our planned journey - Clara was diagnosed with Down syndrome. While initially shocked and concerned about such an unexpected detour, we have come to realize that our new route is just as scenic and wonderful as our previously planned route. Along this new route are people and experiences that we might never have known prior to the detour.

So, this is how our new journey begins, full of hope and with great appreciation of our many blessings. I hope to chronicle our adventures, good and bad, here on these pages.

Big brother Owen with his baby sis Clara

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