Saturday, January 14, 2012

All Feeling Better

We are all doing much better now. Owen only missed 1 day of school (with the all-day everyday kindergarten, he goes to school Tuesday, Friday and every other Wednesday so he just missed school on Tuesday). Thank goodness he is alsp behaving much better although not sure if he will make it through tomorrow to get his 3DS back.

Clara did not miss any school since she goes to pre-school in the afternoon Tuesday - Friday. Better yet she had a really good week talking in the classroom. Finally she is talking more to her class mates and to the teachers.

Today was Rob's birthday...he is officially over the hill (I have 2 more years :)). Owen had to help me with measuring the ingredients for the cake yesterday evening and with the icing this morning. Then he insisted that the cake must be decorated. We had some purple icing left over from a b-day cake I had made Clara, then mixed up some powder sugar and milk glaze and made some red icing and some orange icing. Owen then had to add some sprinkles.

Owen insisted on getting a somewhat big piece of cake so the initial piece I cut for him I gave to Clara. They both ended up with way too much cake to eat. Unfortunately I finished off Clara's cake. Should of taken a picture of her chocolate cake face. It is always hilarious, she certainly enjoys chocolate cake!!

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